Use Print/Send to print or send via email, invoices and credit memos marked for printing in the Invoices or Credit Memos applications, to select additional invoices or credit memos for printing, or to defer the printing of previously selected invoices or credit memos.

To print/send customer invoices or credit memos, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the Print/Send application from the Financial/Accounts Receivable menu.

  2. By default, all invoices and credit memos in the system will load into the application. Select a Print Format and a Delivery Method to filter the entries from which you wish to select.

  3. Use the Select All button and mark all documents and then you may defer the printing of an invoice or credit memo to a later date by deselecting it. You may also use the filter bar to limit the number of documents by customer , date, amount, etc. and manually click Select for the desired invoices or credit memos.

  4. If you are printing more than one document, click on Preview to save your print selections and preview the invoices and credit memos in a report window on the screen.

  5. If you are emailing invoices, go to step 9.

  6. Examine the invoices and credit memos to confirm that they were successfully generated and print the documents.

  7. Close the report window and confirm the results of invoices and credit memo printing.

  8. Deselect any invoice or credit memo that did not print successfully.

  9. Complete printing by clicking on Process to record the printing of the document(s) and remove the document from the list of invoices and credit memos to be printed. Any documents that are not confirmed will remain in the list of documents to be printed.

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