Company Setup

Use Company Setup to record the choices that you make to tailor the system to your company's needs. Access to Company Setup is restricted to users with administration access.

Company Setup consists of the following tabs:

  1. Company is used to setup your organizations name, address, email and government business identifier.

  2. Settings is used to define system-wide options such as fiscal calendar, posting options, company logo for reporting and transaction defaults.

  3. Cash Manager is used to setup a default deposit account and class.

  4. Receivables is used to setup default accounts for receivables processing (accounts receivable, payment, undeposited funds and discounts) as well customer terms, payment type and invoice format.

  5. Payables is used to setup default accounts for payables processing (accounts payable, payment, and discounts) as well vendor terms, payment type and check format.

  6. Inventory is used to setup a default item receipt offset account and specify whether negative inventory quantities are permitted.

  7. Subscriptions is used to enable the subscription billing feature.

  8. Currency is used to select your company's base currency.

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