The Reports menu provides access to financial reports, dashboards and operational transaction details.

Report Parameters

Financial report and some report selection screens have the following report selection parameters.

Begin Date

Begin Date defaults to the first day of the current month and can be modified by the user.

End Date

End Date defaults to the last day of the current month and can be modified by the user.


Click on the Apply button to change the find list filter to reflect the report parameter values.

Report Selection Screens


The filter bar can be used to limit the entries displayed in the find list to a specific entry or group of entries. You can use masking in the filter bar for text fields by appending a percent sign "%" after the filter text. For example, a filter value of "SU%" will filter the list to display only entries where the field being filtered begins with an "SU." You may enter a filter for one or all columns in the in the find list.

Filters can easily be removed by clicking on the clear filter button in the filtered field.


Find list columns can be easily sorted by clicking on the column caption to sort in ascending or descending order. An arrow is located beside each column heading. A down arrow indicates the column is being sorted in descending order and an up arrow indicates the column is being sorted in ascending order. The absence of an arrow indicates that the column is in its original order, prior to any sorting.


Click on a column heading and holding the mouse key down, drag the column heading into the area above the column headers. You group on one or more fields. You can also modify the sort order of the group fields.

Column Order

You may change the order of the columns in a find list by highlighting a column heading and dragging it to a new location.

Column Width

You may change the width of each column in a find list by hovering over the end of the column until you see the sizing icon and then click and drag until you get the desired width.

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