All Relationships

The Relationships menu provides access to applications that are used to setup and maintain all of your company's business connections.

Use All Relationships to view a list of all of your business relationships and the role(s) that the each entity plays in your business. For example, your company may do business with a Vendor, who is also a Partner and a Salesperson.

Use the filter bar to locate a specific entity and click Edit to make modifications or export a list of relationships for your review.

Click on New to enter a new relationship. You can setup the following categories of information for each relationship:

  1. Main - Assign an ID, Name and general information about this relationship.

  2. Types - Check each relationship that is applicable for the business connection and select a relationship type.

  3. Financial - Fill in the appropriate income account, invoice format, invoicing and sales tax setup if applicable.

  4. Banking - Fill in the appropriate banking information for making payments to this entity, if applicable.

  5. Contacts - Enter the contact information for individuals associated with this company.

  6. Addresses - Enter the primary address and any other addresses necessary for doing business with this company.

  7. Tasks - Enter any tasks related to this relationship.

  8. Notes - Enter any internal notes or instructions related to this relationship.

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