If Use Currency is checked in Company Setup, you may enter currency information in the transaction applications.

Follow these steps to enter currency information:

  1. Begin a New transaction and select the appropriate list or relationship value (account, customer, vendor or employee).

  2. Click on transaction Currency tab. If the customer or account has a default currency and or rate type setup, it will default in the Currency and Rate Type fields respectively.

  3. The transaction date will be used to lookup the exchange rate and find the appropriate effective exchange rate.

  4. Make any changes to the default transaction currency information.

  5. Once you have saved the transaction, click on the Entries tab in the transaction to see the transaction amounts (general ledger impact) in the base currency.

Currency entry is supported in the following transactions:

  1. Journals

  2. Deposits

  3. Checks

  4. Bills

  5. Vendor Payments

  6. Invoices

  7. Recurring Invoices

  8. Cash Sales

  9. Subscriptions

  10. Opportunities


  12. Sales Orders

  13. Customer Payments

  14. Generate Customer Recurring Invoices

  15. Generate Subscription Invoices

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