1099 Form Setup

Use the 1099 Form Setup screen to map 1099 Box numbers to a specific 1099 Form. Currently the system supports the printing of 1099-MISC forms. In the future, support for other types of 1099s (INT, DIV, R) will be provided and the 1099 Form Setup is used to identify the 1099 Box numbers that correspond to each box number on a respective 1099 form.

The system supports the ability to print 1099-MISC forms. When an individual is paid money for services on an untaxed basis, you must submit a 1099-MISC form to the to the government and the individual that identifies these payments that tax may be collected from the individual.

As you enter bills or write checks for 1099 reportable income, you may assigned a 1099 box number to the these transactions. Use the 1099 Form Setup to map the 1099 box numbers that correspond to the box numbers on the 1099-MISC form.

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