Print Checks

Print Checks is used to print the checks flagged for computer check printing in Checks and those generated for vendor bills selected for payment in Pay Bills.

To print checks, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the Print Checks application from the Financial/Cash Manager menu.

  2. Select the Bank Account you wish to use. The Company Setup, Default AP Payment Account will default in the screen.

  3. The system will use the the number of the next check based on the last check number entered in the system for the Bank Account. Verify that this number is the same as the first check that will be loaded into the printer. If the check numbers do not match, change the Account Last Check Number to correspond with the number of the first check in the printer minus 1.

  4. By default, Check Date will default to the current date. If you need the Check Date to be something other than the current business date, temporarily change the Operating Date for your user account and change it back after check printing.

  5. All checks available for printing for the specified Bank Account will load in the Print Checks application.

  6. Verify the checks selected for printing. Use the Select All button and then defer the printing of a given check to a later date by deselecting Select. You may also use the filter bar to limit the number of checks by vendor, date, amount, etc. and manually click Select for the desired checks.

  7. Load your checks into the printer. If you are printing more than one check, click on Generate Checks to save your print selections and preview the checks in a report window on the screen. The format of the check is determined by the Check Print Format assigned to the Bank Account in Chart of Accounts or the Check Print Format defined in Company Setup if a specific format is not setup for the Bank Account.

  8. Examine the checks to confirm that they successfully printed.

  9. Close the report window and verify the checks printed correctly on the form.

  10. Deselect any check that did not print successfully.

  11. Complete printing by clicking on Confirm to record the printing of the check(s) and remove the check from the list checks to be printed. Any checks that are not confirmed will remain in the list of checks to be printed.

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